OB 3000 & WB 3000

Oil- and waterbaths are unparalled in terms of precision, safety and comfort and perfectly suited for professional heat and immersion ageing of natural or synthetic rubber, silicones and other elastomers.

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    OB 3000 & WB 3000

    Oil- and Waterbaths for immersion ageing

    A corrosion resistance, textured stainless steel exterior and interior allows easy  maintenance and cleaning – for operator safety every MonTech Oil- and Waterbath is fitted with a dual overtemperature protection as well as safety cover. MonTech thermostatic bath feature a resolution of 0.1°C, superior thermal accuracy as well as an integrated timer.

    All units can be equipped with according the customers’ specific requirements and testing standards with a variety of optional concentric ring sample covers, tube racks and specimen holders.


    Key features of MonTech thermostatic baths include:

    • Available in 6 different sizes according to specific testing needs
    • Easy to use with single button control
    • Variety of more than 150 different types of sample holders available
    • Ageing can be performed simultaneously e.g. ASTM D471 and D865
    • Cross-contamination is eliminated due to individual sample compartments
    • Improved heat transfer compared to block ovens
    • High watt density heaters for longer service life and performance
    • Optional level control and Peltier cooling system available    (WB 3000 only)
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