DisperTester 3000

ISO 11345 : 2006 ASTM D 7723

The DisperTester 3000 is an easy to use instrument for filler dispersion analysis providing superior reproducibility, compliance and repeatability. The instruments precision telecentric optical system uses the reflected light method for obtaining high-resolution reflective images from the sample surface. This design paired with the MonDispersion software provides the user with accurate, repeatable results in seconds, including X, Y and Z value as well as % Dispersion and white area analysis. The DisperTester 3000 can be used with cured and green rubber compounds and already comes with built in reference scales in accordance with ISO 11345 and ASTM D 7723 standards.

  • Instrument description

    DisperTester 3000


    DisperTester 3000 – 1000x = 1000 times magnification
    DisperTester 3000 – 100x = 100 times magnification
    DisperTester 3000 – 30x = 30 times magnification

    Aperture Size

    DisperTester 3000
    – 1000x = 4 mm x 3.5 mm

    DisperTester 3000
    – 100x = 4 mm x 3.5 mm

    DisperTester 3000
    – 30x = 9 mm x 5 mm

    Computer aided, advanced digital reflected light microscopy brought to the next level

    The DisperTester 3000 is the most easy to use instrument for filler dispersion analysis; providing superior compliance, reproducibility and repeatability.

    The DisperTester provides accurate, repeatable results in seconds for both vulcanized and uncured rubber compounds that are applicable to the process, allowing quick and easy testing of dispersion compared to other optical techniques which often take hours to perform (less than 2 minutes with sample preparation). The DisperTester 3000 is equipped with cutting edge digital image processing to automatically determine dispersion ratings, filler distributions and agglomerate sizes. Up to 5 individual readings can be taken in order to precisely evaluate the dispersion and detect possible variations along the surface of the sample.

    To increase testing possibilities even further, the MonDispersion software features variable brightness, contrast and exposure, as well as focus control for every type of test material, allowing colored or even white samples to be tested.

    The DisperTester 3000 system includes built-in reference scales and can be used for all filler types including Carbon Black, Silica and natural inorganic materials with fully automatic calculation of X value, Y value, Z %, Dispersion %, White area %, … in accordance with international standards. All data is processed automatically by the MonDispersion software. Agglomerates are automatically highlighted and can even be manually measured by their diameter and normalized area. Test results are stored in an SQL database. PDF reports along with distribution spreadsheets and histograms are created and images are stored into an image database in a high-resolution JPEG format. Of course custom reference scales can be easily added by the user at any time.

    The determination of fi ller dispersion in technical rubber goods and tire compounds is of great importance to the industry.

    Dispersion quality has a direct impact on fi nal product properties and is therefore widely used as a quality control parameter.

    Important properties

    Many important properties of the cured compound are directly aff ected by fi ller dispersion including:

    • Tensile strength
    • Tear strength
    • Fatigue resistance
    • Abrasion resistance

    The DisperTester 3000 is the only instrument that gives a direct measurement of dispersion in a fast and simple test, without requiring subjective assessment. The instrument is available in three models with diff erent magnifi cation levels:

    • 30x with an optical range
      of 10 to 191 μm
    • 100x for particles from 1 to 58 μm
    • 1000x is specially designed for micro agglomeration measurement of silica compounds for particles from
      100nm to 3μm

    Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation simply involves cutting the sample to generate a “fresh face / gloss cut” for analysis. A simple cutter utilizing ultra-sharp razor blades is supplied to optimize sample preparation for cured
    samples. For further simplifying sample preparation, the DisperCut automatic sample cutter is optionally available.

  • Technical Specification
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