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MonTech Moving Die Rheometer Automation options

All MonTech Moving Die Rheometers as well as Rubber Process Analyzers can be easily automated, allowing customers to increase productivity and release operators for other important tasks.

MonTech offers the worlds largest Rheometer Automation portfolio designed for our customers to rely on - in the lab or on the shopfloor, in multiple shifts, 365 days, every year. Depending on the selected type of automation system, samples are loaded and unloaded automatically from linear or rotary trays, film is fed and tested samples are removed automatically. Of course, every automated machine can - within a single click - also be switched into manual operation mode.

Semi Automation

Testing made easy

The semi-automated loader consists of an automatic film feeding system, eliminating the need to manually handle testing film.This semi-automatic system is especially popular for online testing requirements where workers are cutting warm samples directly from the mill and feeding them into the Rheometer. This means that no delay for queuing or handling the sample can be accepted. However, handling testing film is not easy for workers wearing protective gloves, and can cause variations in test results if film is not placed correctly, or if more than one layer of testing film is used on either the lower or upper die. Therefore, the semi automation automatically provides film transportation and removal of the tested sample so that the operator just has to place the test sample and hit the start button.

Linear Automation
  • Productivity
  • 5 Samples
  • 10 Samples

Easily increasing productivity

Linear Automation systems are mainly used for online testing, utilizing a fast and reliable direct conveyor feeder with the lower film as transportation carrier.

5 Samples

This system features automated sample loading and unloading with a linear queue of 5 test samples. This is ideally suitable for online testing purposes.

10 Samples

This system is equipped with the same features as‚ the 5 Sample linear loader but can queue up to 10 test samples, making this system ideally suitable for online testing purposes and for laboratory testing.Linear automation systems are always the preferred choice for very sticky materials such as silicones or glue that sample loading arm systems might not be able to handle.

Tray Automation
  • Efficiency
  • 24, 48 or 100 samples tray
  • Tray change Automation
  • 10 x 24 and 10 x 48 samples tray changer

Maximum efficiency

Tray automation systems allow users to queue larger amounts of samples and leave the testing system running totally unattended over long periods. With MonTech's patented direct sample handling system, sample placement accuracy and test result repeatability is significantly increased. Samples are handled and monitored by a high-volume vacuum system, ensuring perfect sample pickup, transportation and drop-off - even for less than ideal test samples.

24, 48 or 100 samples tray

This system features automated sample loading and unloading with a direct tray-to-chamber handling system. A interlocking rotary tray with a capacity of 24, 48 or 100 samples is integrated into the right side of the instrument, minimizing the overall footprint of the testing system. Test samples are queued in the software with their individual identification and test specifications, picked up from the tray and directly placed into the test chamber. Of course, the test queue can be altered at any time, samples can be skipped, planned stops can be inserted and immediate tests can be performed. Film is fed and monitored automatically and tested samples are immediately removed once tests are finished. Tray automation systems are especially suitable for operator-less testing over long testing times, significantly increasing instrument and lab productivity.

Tray change Automation

Tray change systems feature similar sample handling like the tray automation but additionally offer an automated 10-slot tray changer system. This results in a 10 times higher sample queuing capacity, allowing the machine to run continuously for multiple days or even weeks.

10 x 24 and 10 x 48 samples tray changer

This system features automated sample loading and unloading with a direct tray-to-chamber handling system and a separate tray handling mechanism.Up to 10 rotary tables with a stock of 24 or 48 samples each can be stored at the instrument and automatically processed. Trays are automatically moved into loading and unloading positions, where the samples are picked from the trays and directly placed into the test chamber.

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