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RP 3000

BS 903:Pt A59: section A59.1:1997 ISO 2007:1991

The MonTech Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity, flow and viscosity of polymers and unvulcanized rubbers. The instrument is typically used in conjunction with the MonTech Ageing oven AO 3000 for plasticity testing to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

  • Instrument description

    RP 3000


    • Fully automatic and easy operation
    • Single/Median mode of operation
    • Fully automatic calibration
    • Built in diagnostics with Service and Diagnostics screen
    • Variable platen temperature 25°C – 200°C
    • Variable conditioning and load times
    • Digital, continues temperature display on the PC as well as temperature graph

    The RP 3000 Rapid Plastimeter can be calibrated in less than 20 seconds! A strong aluminum and stainless steel frame, paired with direct linear drive technology ensures highest instrument rigidity and stability to guarantee the highest precision of test results.

    RP 3000 Rapid Plastimeter for Polymers and Natural Rubber

    The MonTech Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity or viscosity of polymers and unvulcanised rubbers. The test is simple, clean and quick. The instrument is typically used in conjunction with the MonTech ageing oven for plasticity testing to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

    The variable temperature range from 25°C to 200°C for easier to read with freely programmable conditioning and load times allow a convenient characterisation of the flow behavior of natural and synthetic rubbers at variable test conditions. For some applications this method offers a quick, low cost alternative to a Mooney Viscosity test.

    The instrument is supplied in a complete set along with a table-top, mechanical volumetric specimen cutter for a reliable preparation of test specimens with a volume of 0.40 cm³ according to international standards. The instrument is supplied with 10 mm diameter top platen installed period. Alternative top platens of 7.3 and 14 mm diameter are supplied as accessories. The platens are easily interchangeable.

    Plasticity Retention Index (PRI)
    PRI is a measure of the resistance of raw natural rubber to oxidation. The oxidation effect is assessed by measuring the plasticity before ageing (P0) and after ageing for 30 mins in the MonTech ageing oven for Plasticity testing at 140°C (P30)
    (PRI = (P30/P0)x100)

    Working Principle

    A modified parallel plate compression principle is used with automatically timed “conditioning” and “load” periods. A sample is compressed between two circular platens which are maintained at a temperature of typically 100°C.

    The sample is conditioned for 15 seconds at a thickness of 1 mm. A compressive force of 100 N is then applied for 15 secs. The final thickness of the test piece expressed in units of 0.01 mm, is the plasticity number. Besides this procedure described by the standards, the MonTech RP 3000 can operate at fully variable temperature and conditioning / load times. During the loading period, the material flow and plasticity curve can be acquired by the optional MonPlast computer software.

    Test Procedure

    The sample is prepared using the mechanical, double-working specimen cutter and it is then enclosed between two pieces of tissue paper, as defined by international standards, before being placed between the platens. The tissue paper prevents the material sticking to the platens or sliding between them.

    The automatic test sequence is started when the start lever on the instrument is rotated. Conditioning and loading periods are then automatically controlled. The reduction in thickness of the sample as well as the load that is applied to the sample is displayed digitally on the PC screen by the optional MonPlast software. After testing, all results are shown on the PC screen and automatically stored in the database for recalling them later or creating batch reports.

    With optional MonPlast Software
    • Full P0 and PRI evaluation possibility
    • Single/Median mode of operation
    • Display and calculation of Plasticity curve
    • Various parameters can be entered and stored to each individual test: e.g. Batch number, Lot, Date, Time, Operator…
    • By the help of the software a full traceability of aborted tests can be guaranteed
    • All Parameters as well as results can later be printed out together with the load, Plasticity as well as Temperature graphs as a Batch Report.
    • The language on the Plastimeter as well as the software can be changed online Standard languages are English, German and French
    • Integrated calibration and service reminder

    Package including

    • Full P0 and PRI evaluation possibility
    • 3 sets of Platens in different sizes
    • Variable Temperature 25°C to 200°C
    • Double-working sample cutter
    • RS232 Interface
    • Standard accessories package
    • Optional: MonPlast computer Software with flow curve acquisition and automatic PRI calculation


  • Technical Specification

Double working sample cutter for fast and easy specimen preparation

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