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HT 3000 Chamber

The HT 3000 Chamber consists of an all-stainless 240 Liter measuring chamber available

  • Instrument description

    HT 3000 Chamber

    On top of the chamber a specifically adapted HT 3000 Modular testing unit is mounted with a specially adapted Shore A or IRHD testing head reaching all the way into the chamber.

    All tests are in full compliance with

    DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, ASTM D 2240, JISK 6253 (Shore A) or DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415, BS 903, Part. A26 (IRHD N).

    This design guarantees that the precision measuring mechanism with all critical components remain outside the chamber while the test specimens are precisely subjected to the thermal profile required by the specific application.

    High-end, application based hardness testing under thermal influence

    In the tire, automotive, aerospace as well as general technical rubber industry parts and products are subjected to a huge thermal spectrum – in order to understand the material behavior and especially the change of the material hardness under those extreme conditions, the HT 3000 chamber has been developed.


    Optionally the chamber can also be equipped with controlled humidity or de-humidification. High air circulation rates inside the test area guarantee uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the test space.
    The HT 3000 chamber is fitted with a highly energy efficient, triple stage compressor unit with a closed refrigeration system. This completely eliminates the need for external gases or cooling media, allowing continuous operation at lowest operational cost.


    The HT 3000 Chamber consists of an all-stainless 240 Liter measuring chamber available in two temperature ranges from -40°C or optionally -70°C to + 180°C.


    Fully automatic or manual operation

    available test  configurations in the chamber:

    • Rotary tray with up to 25 sample position
    • Stable platform for products and parts testing, complete with a special specimen holder and porthole access
    • All test processes of the HT 3000 Chamber are precisely controlled by the MonLink software
    • In manual mode product or part samples can be tested quickly by simply placing the specimen in the test area
    • All testing sequences are fully software guided sequences
    • All data during the testing process is stored automatically in a database

    Customized configurations of the chamber and automation unit are available upon request.

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