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V-MV 3000

ISO 289:2018 ASTM D 3346 DIN 53523 BS 903: Part 58 AFNOR T43-00/005 BS 1673 GOST 10722-76 JIS K6300 TGL 25-689

High-end instrument for QC as well as dynamic R&D testing with maximum flexibility featuring variable rotor speed and temperature sweeps as well as block programming with multi-step stress relaxation.

  • Instrument description

    V-MV 3000

    Large (38.10 mm) and Small (30.48 mm)
    Sealed, with longlife seals

    Rotor speed
    0 to 50 turns per minute, 0.01 steps (0 to 5.25 radians / second)

    Test modes
    Mooney Viscosity,
    Mooney Scorch,
    Stress Relaxation,
    Mould release, Delta Mooney
    Mooney Variable Viscosity,
    Variable test sequence block programming
    Multi-step stress relaxation


    High-end Mooney Viscometer

    The Variable Mooney Viscometer V-MV 3000 brings traditional Mooney Viscosity, Scorch and Stress Relaxation testing to the next level. Besides the ultra-rigid test frame, the instrument incorporates the latest direct servo drive technology and superior design for unbeaten data accuracy and test result precision.

    In addition to static Mooney Viscometer testing at fixed rotor speeds under isothermal conditions according to international standards, the Variable speed Mooney Viscometer V-MV 3000 is further capable of running test sequences at variable rotor speeds as well as fully dynamic tests including speed steps, ramps and multi-step relaxation, all this with simultaneous temperature profiles and optional cooling of the sample in the die cavity to as low as +10ĀčC, making the V-MV 3000 not only ideal for polymers and rubber compounds, but also silicone, latex and epoxy resin testing.

    This functionality efficiently provides very useful additional information on the test material at the highest accuracy. For example, materials showing similar static viscosities at 2rpm can now be tested at variable shear rates and temperatures.

    From these results, polymer specialists can gain a much better understanding of polymer and rubber behavior regarding branching, molecular weight distribution, average molecular weight as well as shear thinning.

    The instrument is equipped with MonControl Software and special block programming features to allow an unlimited number of rotor speeds and test temperatures per test – of course in any combination.

    Lower radial v-groove die with large, serrated rotor

    The low-mass rotor design ensures homogenous temperature distribution, and in conjunction with MonTech longlife seals, offers the highest accuracy in Mooney readings.

    Rubber sample after Mooney scorch testing

    Mooney Scorch testing is made simple with the V-MV 3000. Test can be automatically stopped once the maximum desired Scorch time or Scorch viscosity reading is reached, maximizing instrument availability and sample throughput.

    SBR Polymer sample after Mooney viscosity testing

    Various types of testing film are available for easy sample handling, reduced cleaning needs, less die contamination and therefore improved repeatability.

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Pneumatic cooling system

Rotor, die assembly and drive system

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