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DisperCut 3000

ISO 11345 : 2006 ASTM D 7723

The DisperCut 3000 is the most accurate and effective way for preparing fine cut samples of cured and uncured rubber for dispersion testing applications. The sample is stretched while cutting to avoid any smearing or contamination of the cut surface. Precise sample cuts can be prepared in less then a second. For highest operator safety, the unit is fitted with two hand safety operation with anti-tiedown as well as automatic knife cover.

  • Instrument description

    DisperCut 3000

    Cutting blades
    Ultra-sharp heavy duty single edge blades, easily replaceable

    Sample dimensions
    Max. . 45 mm or 40 x 40 mm

    adjustable by different cutting plates from 5 to 10%

    The DisperCut 3000 is a small and easy to use tabletop sample cutter that produces fine cuts of cured and uncured rubber samples especially for Dispersion testing samples.

    The cutter is equipped with a high-speed close and cut system with simultaneous sample pre-stretching to avoid smearing of the sample and guaranteeing the best straight and clean cutting results.

    Test samples can be cut and prepared within a single second! This makes the patented DisperCut 3000 sample cutter the most reliable tool for producing repeatable samples for Dispersion testing by excluding all kinds of operator influences. Integrated endstops make sample positioning fast, reliable and easy, ensuring similar test sample dimensions. The precision-ground blade guides, combined with ultra sharp, heavyduty single edge blades, ensure straight and precise cuts.

    In combination with the DisperCool 3000 chiller unit, the DisperCut 3000 cannot only be used for cured rubber samples, but is also the ideal combination for preparing uncured rubber samples by first cooling them down to glass transition temperature in the DisperCool 3000 and then cutting the samples with the DisperCut 3000.


    The cutter is equipped with a two-hand safety control system for simple operation and the highest possible operator safety, eliminating the risks associated with manually operated sample cutters. The cutting knife is always covered and protected to avoid any accidental cutting or touching of the blade.

  • Technical Specification

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