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Moving Die Rheometer

5 Instruments

Moving Die Rheometers are the standard testing method for characterisation of rubber curing in quality control as well as research and development.

Mooney Viscosimeter

3 Instruments

Mooney Viscometers are the backbone for testing the viscous flow of raw materials such as polymers and intermediates such as masterbatches for maintaining stable and consistent manufacturing processes.

Bale Cutters

3 Instruments

The laboratory bale cutters provides the most convenient solution to cut and slice polymers bales, blocks and rubber sheets.


4 Instruments

Carbon black dispersion tester – Computer aided, advanced digital reflected light microscopy brought to the next level.

Cutting knives and Dies

1 Instrument


3 Instruments

Test instrument for measurements of the density of rubber mixtures.


1 Instrument

State of the art fatigue testing and lifecycle simulation instrument.


7 Instruments

Test instrument for measurements of the shore hardness and the density of rubber mixtures.

Die and Sample cutting

4 Instruments

MonTech offers a wide range of sample cutters equipment for every need.


2 Instruments

Online Testing Cell

1 Instrument

The most advanced and fully automated testing solution for high capacity mixers

Rebound Resilience

1 Instrument

Automatic Schob pendulum impact elasticity tester for elastomers and foams


2 Instruments

The MonTech Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity, flow and viscosity of polymers and unvulcanized rubbers. The instrument is typically used in conjunction with the MonTech Ageing oven AO 3000 for plasticity testing to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

Compression set

2 Instruments

Compression set fixtures enable measurements of a rubber compound’s ability to return to its original thickness after prolonged compressive stresses.

Specimen preparation

3 Instruments

MonTech offers a wide range of sample cutters and specimen preparation equipment for every need.


2 Instruments

Laboratory press

7 Instruments

The MonTech VP 3000 and LP 3000 are specifically designed for rubber applications and have evolved into the international standard in laboratory presses in the rubber industry.

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