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MV 3000

ISO 289:2018 ASTM D 1646 DIN 53523 BS 903: Part 58 AFNOR T43-00/005 BS 1673 GOST 10722-76 JIS K6300 TGL 25-689

Standard instrument for QC and R&D testing according to international standards.

  • Instrument description

    MV 3000

    Large (38.10 mm) and Small (30.48 mm) Sealed, with longlife seals

    Rotor speed
    2 turns per minute

    Test modes
    Mooney Viscosity,
    Mooney Scorch,
    Stress Relaxation,
    Mould release,
    Delta Mooney


    Industry standard Mooney Viscometer

    The Mooney Viscometer MV 3000 is the leading test instrument for measurement of viscosity, scorching and stress relaxation on polymers and rubber compounds.

    The MV 3000 is suitable for quality control as well as research and development purposes with excellent repeatability and reproducibility due to its low-mass die design, direct heating and a unique direct drive design with snap-in mechanics.

    The massive aluminum frame of the MV 3000 with its 270° accessible die area allows easy sample loading while integrated rotor ejection simplifies rotor handling. Operation is made easy by 4 illuminated pushbuttons providing clear information about the machine state. A motorized safety shield separates the die area before the test sequence is started.

    Die temperatures are accurately and precisely measured by calibrated probes and controlled with a precision of +/- 0.03 °C by heaters, dies and rotors with an extremely fast thermal response.

    The MV 3000 is fitted with built-in software-controlled systems for automatic balancing and calibration, including a double dead-weight system to apply a defined torque of 100 Mooney units, ensuring the utmost data accuracy and eliminating the needs of any external tools or fixtures.

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Pneumatic cooling system

Lower radial v-groove die with large, serrated rotor

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