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Instrument upgrades and rebuilds
  • Instrument modernization, upgrade and rebuild programs
  • Repair, Rebuild and Upgrade
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  • Maximize the Potential of Your Testing Equipment:
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Instrument modernization, upgrade and rebuild programs

All MonTech upgrades feature the most advanced technologies placed directly into the instrument. These 75 different modifications breath new life in the instrument, allowing factory 4.0 connectivity and most accurate and repeatable results for aging laboratory instruments

MonTech has designed specific programs to answer every customer‘s instrument needs and budget and guarantee the highest instrument performance.

Repair, Rebuild and Upgrade

Heavily used instruments that are worn or have suffered severe damages can easily be repaired on-site or in one of our local MonTech workshops. At the same time, instruments can be upgraded to PLC-based controller technology with digital data acquisition and the latest software systems.


Convert your instrument to adapt it to your evolving testing needs while bringing your testing operation up-to-date and in compliance to the latest standards and technologies e.g. by converting your ODR to an MDR, providing significantly better accuracy and reproducibility, a much easier instrument operation and a higher productivity.


Exchange your instrument for another already upgraded and rebuilt instrument available from stock at many MonTech locations.

Trade in

Trade in your used instrument(s) towards the purchase of a new instrument.

Why Upgrade ?

Upgrading your materials testing equipment and software not only extends the system‘s life, but brings you our latest technology and operational features. Also, some components in your material testing system can become obsolete while other components still have years of useful life.

An upgrade of your system utilizes up-to-date technologies enabling you to increase productivity, reduce overhead, maximize machine uptime and improve the accuracy and reliability of results. Most upgrades and improvements will unlock new functionality and features not previously
available to you, while still retaining your core system and minimizing costs.

Upgrading your instruments allows you to retain your machine frame while replacing or overhauling older components and software. This results in a revitalized testing system at a fraction of the cost of new testing equipment.

The upgrade of your machinery is carried out by MonTech’s qualified engineers together with the appropriate services including calibration, preventative maintenance, software updates, system set-up, and training to ensure a successful startup of your revitalized material testing system.

Maximize the Potential of Your Testing Equipment:

Upgrading is one element of your MonTech solution ownership experience. We can help you extend the life of your materials testing system by working with you to plan ahead with an equipment protection and upgrade program – helping you to avoid unexpected surprises and keep you operating at peak performance for the life of your materials testing system.

Worldwide Service & Support
  • Global customer support
  • Remote and emergency support
  • Service, maintenance, calibration
  • Single source ISO 17025 calibration services
  • Training and application support

Global customer support

Customer orientation is our top priority. That is why we are active on your behalf worldwide with one aim: to provide first-class service and support throughout the entire life-cycle of your instrument. Whenever our customers need help of any kind, we are at their service! Therefore, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year worldwide.

Remote and emergency support

Our remote and tele-support provides help and support whenever it might be needed. Whether you might have questions on specific instrument applications, test setups, test executions, results, calibrations, correlations or diagnostics and troubleshooting, our superb team of technical and application specialists is only a quick phone call away.

Service, maintenance, calibration

MonTech provides fully traceable calibration services using the latest equipment and methodology by highly skilled field service engineers, keeping your instrument in perfect shape. All work and calibration procedures are fully in compliance with ISO, ASTM, DIN and other applicable standards, proven by our ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation. This allows us to offer a huge scope of mechanical, dimensional, thermal and many other calibrations wherever your laboratories might be located.

Single source ISO 17025 calibration services

MonTech‘s on-site calibration service provides ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited field calibrations to any brand, type or model of rubber testing machinery or lab equipment. These on-site service visits and calibrations are designed to be fast and reliable with minimum down time. MonTech employs a global team of the most qualified field service engineers, strategically positioned for cost-effective service wherever calibration services or assistance may be needed.

Training and application support

MonTech‘s unique range of training covers everything from basic rubber
rheology and testing courses, software classes for data management
and Laboratory Information Management System trainings, advanced
polymer and rubber rheology seminars in different operator levels to
high-end scientist courses.
MonTech helps you to ensure that you get the most benefits out of
any investment in MonTech instruments or software, making these
products a truly safe investment that you can rely on.
Training courses are offered at any MonTech facility or on-site in
the customers laboratory with a tailored focus on their specific
environment and challenges, including QA as well as R&D, consulting
services for recipe development, raw materials, production and
machinery including compounding and downstream processes.
With these services we assist our customers to quickly increase
efficiency and quality at reduced costs for an overall improved
customer satisfaction and business performance requiring less
internal resources.

Quality precision testing film
  • Advanced testing films
  • Testing films includes
  • Films available from stock include:

Advanced testing films

MonTech advanced testing films have been precisely developed and are typically used for Rheometers, Mooney Viscometer testing applications as well as cure wrapping and various laboratory compression moulding applications. Testing film is highly recommended in order to protect dies, seals, seal plates and moulds from test material contamination and wear, minimizing the need for cleaning, increasing the lifetime of major components such as seals and extending calibration as well as maintenance cycles.

Being one of the first companies that introduced precision testing films to the market, MonTech provides testing films that are fully lot traceable, providing our customers the guarantee that every production lot has been thoroughly inspected and tested according to strict product-specific tests and having passed an extensive test cycle including a round robin
test covering different testing instruments and fields of application in the polymer and rubber industry.

Testing films includes

The scope of testing films includes various types, grades and thicknesses made from Polyester, Polyethylene, Nylon, Kapton or Kevlar. Of course any type or grade of film can be tailored to specific shapes, dimensions or forms of supply, specifically tailored to your demand and application. MonTech therefore keeps an extensive stock of almost any type and grade of film ensuring shortest delivery times on even customer specific forms or sizes.

Films available from stock include:

Pre-cut sheets of Polyester films for Rheometer and Mooney testing:
Supplied with or without separation paper in several formats readily available. Optionally also available with center-borehole for Mooney and Rotor Rheometer lower die usage.

Pre-cut sheets of Nylon films for Rheometers specially designed for demanding dynamic testing applications such as high strain testing, silica filled compounds, highly oil-loaded mixes, aggressive and abrasive materials. Films are supplied with or without separation paper in several formats.

Rolls of Polyester and Nylon films for Rheometer applications are
spooled on paper or plastic cores providing the highest reliability
especially for automated instruments. Rolls are also available for
multi-roll and multi-feed applications.

For more information please get in touch with us today to discuss your specific testing requirements and suitable types of testing films.

Consumables and spare parts

With over 500,000 different parts and assemblies in our worldwide warehouses, along with our global supply chain, we can guarantee rapid response and fastest delivery of high-quality genuine consumables and spare parts that you may need for maximum uptime of your laboratory machinery.

Spare part availability is guaranteed for at least 20 years for every MonTech Instrument. For more information, please request our spare parts and consumables brochure.

Individual inquiry, service & support


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