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Carbon black dispersion tester – Computer aided, advanced digital reflected light microscopy brought to the next level.

Disper Tester 3000

DisperTester 3000 Carbon black dispersion tester

The MonTech DisperTester 3000 is the most easy to use instrument for filler dispersion analysis; providing superior compliance, reproducibility and repeatability. The DisperTester provides accurate, repeatable results in seconds for both vulcanized and uncured rubber compounds that are applicable to the process, allowing quick and easy testing of dispersion compared to other optical techniques which often take hours to perform.

DisperTester 3000 Plus

DisperTester 3000 plus Advanced Carbon black dispersion tester

The MonTech DisperTester 3000 Plus is the newest model of carbon black dispersion tester - computer aided, advanced digital reflected light microscopy brought to the next level. The DisperTester 3000 Plus is the most advanced instrument for reliable filler dispersion analysis based on the superior compliance, reproducibility and repeatability well known from the DisperTester 3000 series.

DisperCut 3000

Stretched sample cutter for Dispersion testing

The DisperCut 3000 is the most accurate and effective way for preparing fine cut samples of cured and uncured rubber for dispersion testing applications. The sample is stretched while cutting to avoid any smearing or contamination of the cut surface. Precise sample cuts can be prepared in less then a second. For highest operator safety, the unit is fitted with two hand safety operation with anti-tiedown as well as automatic knife cover.

DisperCool 3000

Test sample conditioning and freezing unit

The DisperCool 3000 is used for deep-freezing test samples to about glass-transition temperature prior to sample cutting. This patented system is specifically designed for Dispersion Testing to ensure a perfect test sample preparation and highest quality of the samples surface area.

MonTech Dispersion Tester Series

Through optical imaging, the series of rubber dispersion testers measure filler deagglomeration associated with rubber mixing.

The mixed quality of carbon black, additives and other rubber chemicals directly correlate to the mechanical properties of the finished rubber product. This includes abrasion resistance, tensile strength, crack growth, hardness and more. The Carl-Zeiss optical lens quickly and accurately calculates the number, diameter, and distribution of agglomerates within a rubber sample. The tests performed are compared to the ASTM or ISO standard, indicating the level of rubber dispersion quality

For measurement of silica dispersion, the 1000x model is recommended. If fillers in a rubber compound are too great in size for an adequate calculation, dropping down in magnification to the 30x model is advisable.

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