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HT 3000 Auto

Automatic test stand with motorized hardness head movement Single button operation and integrated power supply, controlled indentation speed acc. standards Optional: variable indentation speed, Pass/Fail indicator light

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    HT 3000 Auto

    HT 3000 Auto

    The most popular products from the HT 3000 family include

    • HT 3000-A Digital Handheld Shore A precision hardness tester
    • HT 3000-D Digital Handheld Shore D precision hardness tester
    • HT 3000-S Test stand with pickup arm and integrated loadweights
    • HT 3000-SA Automated test stand with automated indentation movement


    Rubber Hardness Tester Series HT 3000 Auto
    Hardness (resistance to indentation) is one of the most important properties of rubber products and parts.

    MonTech therefore offers a full range of handheld and benchtop precision hardness testers according to various scales and standards.

    This includes devices according to

    A, A0, B, C, D, D0, E, 00, 000, 000S,

    M, H, N, L, VLRH

    C, CS.

    Accessories such as

    – Auto-samplers
    – Centering and positioning devices
    – Verification and control rings
    – Reference rubber blocks
    – Additional loadweights
    – Software systems
    – …

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