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FT 3000 C-H

ISO 132 ISO 6943 ASTM D 430-B ASTM D 813 DIN 53 522 -1/2/3

The instrument is designed for continuous operation in applications such compound and material development as wellas in-process quality control in rubber plants and other areas requiring dynamic testing of rubber samples.

  • Instrument description

    FT 3000 C-H

    Key Features

    • Tension and bending fatigue (De-Mattia) in a single machine
    • Stainless steel grips holding a total of 16 samples
    • Frequency, Grip distance and dynamic stroke can freely be set
    • the number of total cycles and cycles before automatic stop can be set
    • optional image recording by CCD camera and MonFT evaluation software
    State of the art fatigue testing and lifecycle simulation

    The FT 3000 is a high-end, direct linear drive fatigue tester of advanced design;
    providing a full test which indicates material properties such flex cracking/crack growth test and tension fatigue test in accordance with: ISO 132, 6943, ASTM D 430-B , ASTM D 813, DIN 53 522 -1/2/3.

    The instrument is designed for continuous operation in compound / material research & development laboratories as well as industrial applications like in-process quality control in rubber plants requiring repetitive testing of rubber samples to assess dynamic material performance properties.

    Especially due to the unique advanced linear motor design, optional arbitrary waveform programming and CCD camera data acquisition system, the machine can easily be set-up and adapted to individual customer testing needs.

    Precisely controlled thermal environment
    The sample holding system is located in a thermal chamber. This 120 liter heating and cooling chamber permits temperatures between -40 °C and +180°C, covering almost all possible application environments. Due to the unique triple stage closed loop chiller and compressor design, a superior temperature uniformity of +/-1°C is achieved with no gases or external media required for the cooling process.

    Highest accuracy, rigidity and durability – guaranteed!
    The direct drive, linear motor drive system with digital control and inline position measurement ensures extremely precise movements, low levels of noise and vibration, high durability and long lifetime. The instrument is fitted with a massive, deflection free stainless steel sample holder system. Optionally, samples can be inspected with a motorized camera CCD system for crack and crack–growth measurement – this system also includes the MonFT data acquisition software.

    Instrument options

    Camera CCD System (incl. MonFT software)
    (Computer to be supplied locally according to specification)

    For automated crack growth measurement and recording (De-Mattia) with variable camera setup for through hole or surface measurement, automated lateral camera travel as well as integrated LED light system.

    Sensor grip system for FT 3000 CH
    with single clamp (replaces standard grips)

    For exact measurement of completed cycles to failure of the sample. Each position in the sample holder has a variable clamp for individual sample mounting; with an integrated, non-contact tension, precision sample sensor for exact detection of the cycle at sample failure. The time of failure (in cycles, minutes or seconds) is automatically transferred to the software and stored.

    Arbitrary waveform programming for electric linear drive

    Allows to define, program and execute arbitrary waveform fatigue tests including rupture, tear, creep, … to replicate specific application conditions and perform true process simulation. Waveforms itself with strain and frequency can be freely defined and altered.

    Arbitrary test sequence programming

    Allows to combine standard sine-wave test steps with variable temperature cycles and conditioning times along with arbitrary waveform substeps (with option “Arbitrary waveform programming” into complex test programs and sequences.

    Special grips

    For tailored, application specific fatigue tests

    Piercing tool

    For sample preparation and piercing according to ISO 132 and ASTM D 813

    Curing moulds and sample preparations tools

    e.g. P-VS 3000 Sliding table for ASTM D 4482 sampling


    Control device

    The instrument is controlled by a front mounted 5.7” color touch screen display. The following functions are incorporated in the display:


    • Input number of set cycles
    • Input set temperature in °C / °F
    • Set motor speed in strokes per minute


    • Number of cycles done
    • Current chamber temperature
    • Actual motor speed / position
    • Cycles to next pause
    • Cycles since last pause

    The display unit can be used to configure tests and display status alerts. It can also be used start, stop, or pause testing at any time.

  • Technical Specification

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