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MDR 3000 Professional

ISO 13145 ISO 6502 ASTM D 5289 ASTM D 6204 ASTM D 6601 ASTM D 6048 ASTM D 7050 ASTM D 7605 ASTM D 8059 DIN 53529

Entry model instrument in the Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) technology. The MDR 3000 Prof. can be operated either in static testing mode (MDR) or also in dynamic testing mode (RPA).

  • Instrument description

    MDR 3000 Professional

    Oscillation strain
    +/- 0.01° to 20° (+/- 0.01° to 90° optional)
    (+/- 0.14% to 280% (0.14% to 1260%))

    Static and dynamic testing

    The MDR 3000 Professional is designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after cure. The acquired data gives exact information about advanced material properties, processability, cure characteristics, cure speed, and the behavior of the compound at the after-cure, as well as final compound dynamic mechanical properties.

    The MDR 3000 Professional is a unique hybrid testing system; it can be operated in static testing (MDR) mode and with a single click in the MonControl Software, be switched over into dynamic testing (RPA) operation mode. This provides the highest possible flexibility to the user as the MDR 3000 Professional can cover everyday routine QC tasks by working like a normal static Moving Die Rheometer at highest accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility while offering full Rubber Process Analyzer testing capabilities for even complex R&D testing, allowing the user to program, execute and evaluate arbitrary test sequences with the included MonControl Software.

    The instrument is equipped with MonTech‘s unique, patented direct precision drive system, offering variable oscillation amplitude and frequency along with precision temperature control, enabling testing according to almost every DIN / ISO and ASTM test standard in reference to Moving Die Rheometers and Rubber Process Analyzers.

    Due to the rugged and flexible construction and various options such as cooling and automation, this device can be used for extended quality control and production monitoring purposes not only in the laboratory, but also directly on the shopfloor.

    Automation options

    All MonTech Moving Die Rheometers as well as Rubber Process Analyzers can be easily automated, allowing customers to increase productivity and release operators for other important tasks.

    MonTech offers the worlds largest Rheometer Automation portfolio designed for our customers to rely on – in the lab or on the shopfloor, in multiple shifts, 365 days, every year. Depending on the selected type of automation system, samples are loaded and unloaded automatically from linear or rotary trays, film is fed and tested samples are removed automatically.

    Of course, every automated machine can – within a single click – also be switched into manual operation mode.

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    Instrument options

    For specific testing requirements MonTech offers a variety of instrument options to customize a testing solution exactly for your specific requirements:

    – Forced air and low-temperature cooling systems
    – Axial force transducers
    – Cavity pressure control systems
    – High speed data acquisition systems
    – Data, IT and software integration
    – Advanced productivity options

  • Applications
  • Technical Specification
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Tray automation with either 24, 48 or 100 samples

With direct tray-to-chamber handling, the sample arm picks samples from the tray.

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