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With its extensive built-in features for instrument, test specification and sample management, MonTech software solutions will generate, store and report on valid and traceable data to support your quality and laboratory processes. Now you have the ability to redefine your laboratory processes for improved efficiencies, cost savings and compliance with a configurable and expandable system that will grow with your business and support your data management needs in the future. Take advantage of the pre-configured solution that helps your laboratory improve efficiency, maintains records and traceability, and meets your compliance requirements for ISO 17025.

MonControl Analyses Software for testing instruments

The most easy-to-use and versatile instrument control software

Designed for
  • Rheometers (MDR/ODR/RPA)
  • Mooney Viscometers
  • Rebound testers
  • Hardness testers
  • Abrasion testers
  • Density testers
  • Processability testers
  • Tensile testers
  • Balances / Scales

MonControl – the most easy-to-use and versatile instrument control software. MonControl provides the most versatile platform for managing your laboratory and testing data, from a single machine with remote MonView data viewers for office clients, to multimachine integrated laboratory systems. Flexible programmingsimple instrument control and fully automated data acquisition and processing make MonControl a stable software solution to count on every day. Whether static or dynamic testing, MonControl already comes with preloaded test routines for most standard industrial applications and test sequences according to international standards (ISO / ASTM / DIN), allowing even new or untrained users to start testing within minutes.

MonStat - Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software

The innvoative Statistical Process Control (SPC) and reporting solution

Available charts
  • Attributes control charts
  • Variables control charts
  • Histograms
  • Spreadsheets and data tables
  • Pareto bar charts
  • Multi-line, type or source charts

Statistical Process Control Software helps to quickly reduce variations and costs as well as productivity. MonStat is a dynamic and adaptable software for SPC featuring both realtime and historical data analysis to help you to improve product quality as well as understand and optimize manufacturing processes. MonStat offers powerful analytical techniques by joining data retrieved from LIMS database systems with data collected from production machinery on the shop floor, transforming it into actionable quality information.

MonQuality Laboratory Information Management System LIMS

A fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System

Key Features
  • Version controlled management of test specifications,
    preparation and ageing methods, sampling, …
  • Status of every lab order can be retrieved in seconds
  • Customer depended specifications and testing
  • Full traceability of all activities in the lab
  • Full support of complex test sequences and workflows
  • Direct, bi-directional communication with lab devices
    from MonTech or other manufacturers

MonQuality has been designed to help you to meet all your information management objectives, manage all your complex lab processes and provide exactly the information needed, at the right time and in the right format. MonQualitys flexibility is manifested in multiple levels of the system, from automated workflow and records management to closed-loop traceability. Developed specially for the rubber and polymer industry, providing unique features such as full multi-site collaboration capabilities, remote data access and customized reporting, MonQuality LIMS truly is the ideal software platform for your laboratory.

MonRecipe - Software for Compound and Material management

Bringing consistency and traceability to your Compound and Recipe development processes

Key Features
  • Precise management of all raw materials, development
    projects, compound recipe specifications and versions
  • Integrated search function easily retrieves recipes and data
    matching requirement specifications
  • Possibility to define and use customized
    material data sheets, recipes and mixing protocols
  • Multi-stage normalization of recipe ingredients
  • Customizable recipe attributes, nominal and set values
    with full incorporation of trial mixing and test result data
  • Single-click export in all typical formats (XLS, PDF, JPG, …)

MonRecipe was specifically designed for formulation and compound development needs in the rubber industry. This unique software system helps you to create, cost, maintain and modify complex formulations quickly and easily with unprecedented version control, allowing you to streamline your formulation process along with speeding up and reducing the cost of bringing new products to the market. MonRecipe is the dynamic workbench for your recipe ideas, allowing you to experiment and manage multiple scenarios for even the most complex recipes with the ability of a simultaneous optimization of raw material and process cost for true value engineering..