Specimen preparation

MonTech offers a wide range of sample cutters and specimen preparation equipment for every need.

R-VS 3000

Rheometer - constant volume sample cutter

The R-VS 3000 Rheometer sample cutter is designed for the fast, safe and easy preparation of Rheometer test samples with a constant sample volume, signicantly reducing operational variability and increasing.

M-VS 3000

Mooney - constant volume sample cutter

The M-VS 3000 Mooney volumetric sample cutter enables higher accuracy, repeatability and optimized testing results in Mooney Scorch and Viscosity testing by preparing test samples with a constant volume. The M-VS 3000 also features automatic cutting of a center hole for the rotor shaft along with a time delay for compressing.

VS 3000

The most universal sample cutter for preforms

The VS 3000 universal constant volume cutter is the ideal and reliable sample preparation tool for applications that require constant volume samples such as preforms for moulding operations. The VS 3000 sample cutter can be tted with knives of any diameter between 20 and 60mm per customer requirements, making the cutter an ideal tool for easy preform preparation.

P-VS plus 15 kN

High force sample cutting press

Universal sample cutter for multiple-blade cutting station knives or tough materials requiring high cutting forces. Whenever there is a need to save time and increase productivity by cutting multiple samples at the same time, P-VS 3000 is the ideal sample cutter.

P-VS 3000

Universal clicker press

P-VS 3000 Universal sample cutter for fast and precise preparation of sample test specimens for tensile tests and all other DIN, ISO and ASTM standard sample shapes from rubber, elastomers, foam rubber, plastic lms, foils and paper. Any type of cutting knife can be used with the P-VS 3000 sample cutter. Knives can be changed in seconds and cutting height can easily be adjusted.

P-VS 3000 M

Manual die cutter

The P-VS 3000 M Lever Press assures constant accuracy and precise cutting results. The cutter can conveniently be used for all types of ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS cutting dies for all kind of samples made from rubber, leather and paper. It allows easy, quick and convenient sampling with simplified operation.

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