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LP 3000 – 200kN

Fully compliant with ISO, DIN, ASTM and GB Standards

The LP 200kN press is a medium sized benchtop hydraulic laboratory press for high performance curing and preparation of rubber samples. Capable of producing up to 200kN of compression force, this model is designed in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB and other international standards for temperature uniformity, parallelism and safety.

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    LP 3000 – 200kN

    Small size benchtop hydraulic laboratory press

    Hydraulic laboratory press series LP 3000 offers the highest accuracy and performance in rubber sample curing. All MonTech laboratory presses are in full compliance with ISO 2393 and other applicable international standards, featuring press forces of >3.5MPA, an overall temperature accuracy of ± 0.5°C and a platen parallelism of better than 0.1mm/m. The four-column hydraulic LP 3000 series presses are available in 4 different sizes, with platen dimensions ranging from 196 x 196 mm to 496 x 496 mm and maximum press forces of 20 to 100tons.

    Precision laboratory sample curing moulds

    MonTech curing moulds are precisely made of tempered stainless steel, precision ground and finished – of course fully compliant with ISO, DIN, ASTM and GB Standards. Moulds are available in standard sizes and custom designs also can be manufactured in accordance to customer specific requirements.

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