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LP 3000 – 600kN

Fully compliant with ISO, DIN, ASTM and GB Standard

The LP 600kN is a high-capacity hydraulic laboratory press for high performance curing and preparation of rubber samples. Capable of producing up to 600kN of compression force, this model is designed in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB and other international standards for temperature uniformity, parallelism and safety.

  • Instrument description

    LP 3000 – 600kN

    Floorstanding hydraulic laboratory press with single daylight

    All MonTech LP 3000 presses are equipped with a closed circuit, low-noise integrated hydraulic system requiring as low as 8 to 15 Liters of oil in the whole press, operating at a pressure of up to 400 Bars, making the press very durable and energy efficient at the same time.

    All LP 3000 laboratory presses are equipped with electric PID controlled heating systems, pneumatic safety front shield, and 5“ Color Touchscreen Display for setting Cure times, Temperatures, Degassing / lifting cycles, closing speeds and switchover points, making these presses simple to use, reliable and rugged at the same time.

    LP 3000 presses can be equipped with an integrated data acquisition system with up to 12 additional temperature channels and the MonPress Computer Software, allowing users to record full press cycles including press times, forces, control temperatures, mould temperatures, degassing and more for mould-flow and cure simulation purposes.

    Key features of the LP 3000 laboratory press series

    • Enclosed 4-column press frame for high rigidity
    • Stainless steel press platens and tension bars
    • Electric heating with superior temperature distribution and digital PID
      temperature control
    • Pneumatic front shield
    • 2-Hand safety control with anti-tiedown
    • Integrated 5“ color touchscreen press control
    • High efficiency low-noise hydraulics
  • Technical Specification

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