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Online Testing Cell

MonTech’s Online Rubber Testing Cell is the most advanced and only true automated testing solution for high-capacity mixing operations. With Online Testing Cells installed on over 90+ mixing lines globally, MonTech is the world’s expert and leader in automated testing technology.

  • Instrument description

    Online Testing Cell

    Online Rubber testing cells bring the laboratory to the mixing line by linking the necessary MonTech standard testing instruments into a single, compact, and modular enclosed frame for easy installation on the production line.

    Designed per user requirements, modular emplacements include, labeling, binning, sample conditioning, sample preparation, specimen removal, transportation, and testing instruments. Each Testing Cell consists of single or multiple testing instruments of similar or different purpose required for batch release.*

    *Online Testing Cells systems and their technology are based on several global patents held by the MonTech group of companies

    Online Testing Cells are state-of-the-art automated testing solutions that provide maximum efficiency and the shortest ROI times. By installing Testing Cells at the production line, manufacturers can achieve maximum throughput, tighter quality control, decreased laboratory overhead, and less scrap.

    Rugged and reliable technology:
    MonTech Testing Cells are a complete batch release laboratory on a 2.0 by 2.3 meter footprint. With flexible configuration, Testing Cells contain each element of the laboratory QC process within its pressurized housing.

    Online Testing Cells feature a sealed and supervised testing environment preventing any contaminates from entering the system. The cells are based on a rugged welded main frame providing one large main compartment for the automation technology, and sample preparation systems, and the robotic handling system.

    Automated Sample processing and Traceability

    Online Rubber Testing Cells feature robotic automation and eliminate the need for any operator involvement. By applying robotics, administrators can monitor and control production in real-time without needing a separate QC or testing laboratory.

    All necessary steps to process the raw slab are selected according to the control plan and automatically executed by the Testing Cell.

    This includes:

    • Receiving, detecting and aligning of the raw slab
    • Washing, conditioning, cooling and drying of the slab
    • Slab measurement, nicking and volumetric cutting
    • Separation of the individual test specimens
    • Weighing of test specimens
    • Feeding of the test samples directly into test instruments or sample queues
      of e.g. MDRs, RPAs, Density testers, …
    • Discarding of the leftover raw slab in a separate waste container

    Sample traceability is guaranteed at all times as the automation system processes each slab sequentially. After all preparation steps are successfully completed, the robot will begin the preparation process for the next slab.

    Additionally, Testing Cells can collect binned samples for testing done outside of the Cell. To ensure traceability, binned samples can be either labeled or ink-jet printing can be applied on the raw slab. These collection bins are accessible by a drawer system from outside the Cell allowing operators to collect and pick up lab test samples at any time.

    Each Cell comes equipped with a manual sample in-feed drawer. This drawer enables users to manually feed control stocks, reference materials, and scheduled test orders into the Testing Cell.

    The development of the Online Testing Cell was co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) according to a decision of the German Federal Parliament.

    Standard cell configuration for sample handling and preparation:

    • Sample infeed system including infeed chute, centering system and sample detection unit
    • 6-Axis robot with multipurpose gripping and handling system
    • Cell controller with MonCell Software and 19” Industrial Touchpanel PC
    • Cell communication and safety controller
    • Sample washing, conditioning and drying unit
    • Volumetric sample cutter: R-VS 3000 cell edition (Slab measurement, nicking and volumetric cutting)
    • Five sample manual infeed drawer
    • Leftover slab trash container
    • Sample collection drawer

    Optional units for cell sample handling and preparation:

    • Separation of the individual test slab in different containers
    • Discarding of the leftover raw slab in separate collection containers
    • Weighing of test specimens
    • Label or ink-jet printing system for sample marking
    • Batchoff sampling systems, cutters and conveyors

    Available test instrument types:

    • Moving Die Rheometers MDR 3000 Cell (with direct or mechanical drive system), up to 4 units per Cell
    • Rubber Process Analyzers D-RPA 3000 Cell, up to 2 units per Cell
    • Compression Density testers RD 3000 Cell, up to 1 unit per Cell
    • Additional instrument types include: curing presses, hardness, density, rebound, DMA, etc.
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