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Mooney Viscosimeter

Mooney Viscometers are the backbone for testing the viscous flow of raw materials such as polymers and intermediates such as masterbatches for maintaining stable and consistent manufacturing processes.

MV 3000 Basic

Entry level Mooney Viscometer

A rotational shear viscometer according to Mooney for performing Viscosity tests (ML / MS 1+X), Stress Relaxation testing, Mooney Scorch, Delta Mooney testing on polymers as well as rubber compounds for quality control, research and development applications.


MV 3000

Industry standard Mooney Viscometer

Standard instrument for QC and R&D testing according to international standards.


V-MV 3000

High-end Mooney Viscometer

High-end instrument for QC as well as dynamic R&D testing with maximum flexibility featuring variable rotor speed and temperature sweeps as well as block programming with multi-step stress relaxation.

Mooney Viscometer Series

All MonTech Mooney Viscometers also allow Scorch as well as Stress Relaxation testing.

Mooney Viscometers are the backbone for testing the viscous flow of raw materials such as polymers and intermediates such as master-batches for maintaining stable and consistent manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, all MonTech Mooney Viscometers also allow Scorch, precise Stress Relaxation as well as Delta Mooney testing in accordance with latest international standards.

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