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AO 3000

MonTech AO 3000 forced ventilation cabinet ageing ovens are designed for precision ageing of polymer materials and rubber parts, products and components. The units - based on Memmert UF series - are adapted by MonTech with specific adjustments and calibrations to meet the specific requirements for the rubber industry as per ISO 188, ASTM D 573 and other applicable standard.

  • Instrument description

    AO 3000

    Optionally the AO 3000 is available with:

    – Viewing windows integrated in the door of the device
    – side or top openings
    – additional temperature protection devices
    – sample shelves, racks and hangers
    – rotary carousels
    – USB data interface
    – data recording software

    The universal applicable lab oven is the standard appliance for temperature control in science, research and material testing within the rubber and polymer industry.

    The interior as well as exterior are made of high-quality, hygienic, easy-to-clean textured stainless steel – together with the easy-to-use 4” control panel, single knob operation and integrated setting for ventilation, flap overtemperature protection and timer the AO 3000 is the ideal ageing equipment for almost any application. 

    Temperature deviations caused by fresh air can influence the sample characteristics as well as the ageing process – therefore MonTech ageing ovens have been designed with a special pre-heating chamber in where fresh air is fed through and warmed up before being introduced into the working chamber.

    Air exchange rates and air flap position can be electronically set on the control panel ensuring that the required – typically low – air speed for ageing of rubber materials is met.

    In the standard configuration the ovens are equipped with a Ethernet Interface for direct integration in the customers network. A data recording software is optionally available. 

  • Technical Specification
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