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VP 3000

The MonTech VP 3000 and LP 3000 are specifically designed for rubber applications and have evolved into the international standard in laboratory presses in the rubber industry.

  • Instrument description

    VP 3000

    Small tabletop laboratory press

    The small laboratory press VP 3000 is used for fast and easy moulding, curing and preparation of rubber samples. The VP 3000 tabletop press is equipped with a 5“ Color Touchscreen Display for setting Cure times, Temperatures, Degassing cycles and more, making the press with its single button control the ideal tool for small scale laboratory sample production in various shapes and thicknesses.

    The VP 3000 lab press is equipped with a pneumatic closing unit, electric PID-controlled heating systems, a pneumatic safety front shield and protection covers all around the press frame. Various standards and customer specific press moulds are optionally available.

    Online sample preparation

    The MonTech VP and LP 3000 laboratory press series, along with optional sample moulds, are the ideal tools for online sample preparation in the production environment. The precise temperature control and homogenous temperature distribution ensure perfect samples for hardness, tensile, density, filler dispersion and abrasion testing.

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