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CC 3000

The MonTech CC 3000 Cut and Chip Test provides a simple, quick laboratory method to evaluate cutting and chipping resistance of rubber compounds subjected to harsh mechanical environments.

  • Instrument description

    CC 3000


    51 mm Ø, 13 mm (thickness), 13 mm (center hole)


    Dirt removal and cleaning:

    • In the standard configuration the CC 3000 is equipped with a integrated stainless steel tray for collecting any rubber dirt or risidue from the working area that is produced during testing.
    • Optionally the CC 3000 is also available with a automatic cleaning unit. This system consists of a special hopper mounted below the working area and a special vacuum cleaning device extracting all dirt and rubber particles immediately.
    • The cleaning unit is controlled by the Touchpanel and automatically switched on any during the testing sequence.
    The Cut and Chip Tester

    was developed to predict the service performance of passenger, truck, OTR, farm, mining and industrial solid tires, tank tracks and bogey wheels, as well as industrial products such as conveyor belts that are subjected to contacting surfaces containing sharp objects (rocks, gravel, glass, metal, etc.).
    The test is designed to be quick, inexpensive and furnish a high level of confidence in predictive testing of actual product performance.
    The Cut and Chip Test is performed on acured rubber disc specimen mounted on a rotating spindle. The disc is impacted by a tungsten carbide knife with a precision ground cutting edge. An eccentric cam applies the knife at a specified frequency for a specified time, both of which can be set according to the application requirements.


    The CC 3000 is conveniently controlled by a integrated 7“ Touchscreen panel with a preselection of 11 different spindle speeds and 7 different chipping cycles providing the operator with quick and easy test setup possibilities. All speeds are digitally controlled by servo motors – for safety the instrument is fitted with a supervised safety door. The motorized cam conveniently lifts the knife support arm at the completion of the pre-selected test time.
    The resistance to cutting and chipping is based upon the loss of material (mass and reduction of disk diameter) over the duration of the test.

    Consumables, reference samples and sample preparation accessories (optional):

    Set of control samples
    Set of 5 certified control samples including test certificate

    Set of Tungsten carbide knifes
    Set of 5 certified Tungsten carbide knife inserts for the CC 3000

    Precision scale with 1mg or 0.1mg resolution
    For weighing of samples before and after the testing process

    9-cavity cut and chip mould:
    Mould dimensions 296 x 296mm x 50mm, Precision machined from Stainless steel Nine cavity three piece mould with centering pins and handles Specifically designed for cut and chip samples with 51 mm Ø, 13 mm Thickness, 13 mm Ø Center hole.

  • Technical Specification

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