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Test instrument for measurements of the density of rubber mixtures.

DM 3000


Densimeter for testing of individual samples with automated test sequence and internal self-calibration

RD 3000

Compression Density Tester for uncured rubber compounds and raw materials

The RD 3000 compression density tester provides a simple and convenient way to determine the density of raw polymers, masterbatches and uncured rubber compound specimens of any shape or geometry. The instrument features an integrated precision scale for accurately measuring the weight of the specimen. In a second step, all air trapped in the sample is removed by compressing the material in a massive barrel - once stabilized - allows the volume to be determined. Once the test sequence is finished the density is automatically calculated and displayed on the integrated touchscreen. Optionally the instrument can be controlled and test results can be remotely acquired by the MonDevice software system.

H&D 3000

Automated Hardness & Density tester

2 instruments in 1: With the MonTech H&D 3000, hardness AND density testing of cured rubber samples is made simple, fast and reliable. Arbitrary test sequences are easily pre-programmed, samples are sequentially processed and test data is automatically collected, without the need for operator involvement. Due to the unique rotary tray design, no manual magazine handling is needed; the instrument can be continuously loaded and operated.

MonTech Density Testing Series

Density (RD and Dm) Series

MonTech offers the wiedest range of density testers for rubber materials: Devices operating using the finite difference (buoyancy) method for cured ruber samples or compression density tester for raw materials and masterbatches are available. The devices allow quick, reliable and precise assessment of material density to ensure consistent formulations and production processes.

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