DisperTester 3000 Plus

ISO 11345 : 2006 ASTM D 7723

The MonTech DisperTester 3000 Plus is the newest model of carbon black dispersion tester - computer aided, advanced digital reflected light microscopy brought to the next level. The DisperTester 3000 Plus is the most advanced instrument for reliable filler dispersion analysis based on the superior compliance, reproducibility and repeatability well known from the DisperTester 3000 series.

  • Instrument description

    DisperTester 3000 Plus

    100 times magnification

    Aperture Size
    12 mm x 3.5 mm

    Fully automatic or manual

    Carbon black dispersion tester

    The DisperTester 3000 Plus features a totally newprecision optical system paired with latest digital image processing technology. These enhanced capabilities now allow Dispersion analyses for particles from 1 μm to 250 μm – in full compliance with latest ISO 11345 and ASTM D 7725. Imaging capabilities are further extended with variable image thresholds and settings for advanced image and particle analyses.

    The DisperTester 3000 plus features a precision double stage linear drive system to precisely evaluate variations along the surface of the sample. This totally eliminates the need for manual sample placement by allowing up to 5 individual readings for each sample placement. To increase testing possibilities even further, the MonDispersion software now features additional imaging techniques such as variable focus control, freely definable shutters and image filters. This ensures an even clearer, superior quality sample image; providing higher test result precision and improved reproducibility.

    The DisperTester 3000 plus system includes additional built-in reference scales and can of course be used for all filler types including Carbon Black, Silica and natural inorganic materials with fully automatic calculation of X value, Y value, Z %, Dispersion %, White area %, … for the most precise filler dispersion analysis.

    Unique Features

    Is the latest generation of reflected light dispersion testers offering new and unique features:

    • Rugged aluminum housing machined from a single block of aluminum
    • 10 Megapixel camera with USB 3.0 connectivity
    • Multi-direction variably controlled LED light sources
    • Precisely guided, horizontally moving camera system to obtain multiple test points from a single sample placement
    • Fully automated or manual focusing, scanning and evaluation
    • Possibility to test black, white and colored rubber compounds
    • Integrated data analysis with PDF reports, histograms and high resolution result images
    • Optional 50 samples autoloading system
  • Technical Specification
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