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CP 3000 Compact

The laboratory bale cutter CP 3000 provides the most convenient solution to cut and slice polymers bales, blocks and rubber sheets. Fitted with a two-hand safety operation system, optional automatic knife cover and feeding tunnel the unit provides utmost operator convenience meeting highest safety standards.

  • Instrument description

    CP 3000 Compact

    CP 3000 Compact
    with a cutting width of 285mm

    CP 3000 Compact

    The CP 3000 compact is the most compact and versatile bale cutter available. The machine is designed for small scale laboratory applications and is ideally suited to prepare pre-cut blocks and slices of polymers for further sample preparation, such as cutting Mooney test samples with an M-VS 3000 volumetric sample cutter.

    The CP 3000 compact is the ideal tool for small scale and trial mixing applications where the bale cutter is typically located in close proximity to the mixer feeding – to always have to right amount of polymer available when needed.

    Safety two-hand control with anti-tiedown, transparent windows at all sides and a fully enclosed top-section of the CP 3000 make it also the safest laboratory scale bale cutter in the market.

    Like all other MonTech cutters the CP 3000 series operates free from hydraulics, meaning that operation is extremely ergonomic and bale contamination is simply impossible.

    Up to 12 cuts / minute, cutting and lifting speed adjustable

    Cutting knive
    hardened and precision ground

    Cutting strip
    Teflon, exchangeable Safety equipment pneumatic safety 2-hand operation (anti-tiedown), transparent safety shields at both sides as well as front and backside of the machine Safety lid for knife edge and feeding tunnel optional.

    Required supplies
    Compressed air with min. 2 bars (5 bars recommended), No electrical connection required!

  • Technical Specification

Up to 12 cuts / minute, cutting and lifting speed adjustable

Bale width / cutting width max. 285 mm

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