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NC 3000

ISO 34 die B • ISO 34 die C • ASTM D624 die B

The tabletop NC 3000 has specifically been designed for slitting samples for tear testing with a precision nick according to the requirements of ISO 34 die B, ISO 34 die C and ASTM D624 die B.

  • Instrument description

    NC 3000

    NC 3000

    Configurations can easily be interchanged by simply exchanging the sample stencil. The nicking depth can be precisely calibrated by an integrated adjustment mechanism and the slitting dies can be exchanged in seconds by a quick clamp.

    The nick cutting device is available in three configurations:
    • ISO 34 die B (1mm nick)
    • ISO 34 die C (1mm nick)
    • ASTM D624 die B (0.5mm nick)

    Simple Operation

    • Open the sample cover
    • Insert and position the sample
    • Close the cover and secure it with the quick clamps
    • Press down on the handles and afterwards let the holder retract
      For operator safety nicking is only possible with the sample cover closed!
    • Open quick clamps and the sample cover
    • Remove the nicked sample
  • Technical Specification
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