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CC 3000

Cut & Chip Tester CC 3000

The MonTech CC 3000 Cut and Chip Test provides a simple, quick laboratory method to evaluate cutting and chipping resistance of rubber compounds subjected to harsh mechanical environments.

ABR 3000

Rotary Drum DIN Abrasion tester

The MonTech ABR 3000 abrasion tester is a tear testing instrument for determination of an elastomer’s resistance to frictional loss, using a rotating or fixed specimen in accordance with DIN 53516, DIN ISO 4649, AS1683.21 and ASTM D 5963. The test specimen is fixed into a quick clamp sample holder and precisely guided - either with or without rotation - over a predefined distance of either 20 or 40 Meters, with a defined load on a sheet of abrasive paper mounted to a stainless steel rotary drum of 150 mm diameter. Finally, the frictional loss is calculated by comparing the sample weight before and after testing.

MonTech Abrasion Testing Series

Abrasion Testing ( ABR and CC) Series

Rubber testing instruments for characterization of the two most popular abrasive properties of vulcanized rubber and finished rubber products.

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