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HT 3000 Auto Rotation Five

Automatic test stand with motorized hardness head movement and continuous multi sample automation by integrated rotary tray. Multiple readings per sample with average or median calculation. Simplified single button operation, different centering masks for various sample and product shapes are optionally available.

  • Instrument description

    HT 3000 Auto Rotation Five

    HT 3000 Auto Rotation Single

    The most popular products from the HT 3000 family include

    • HT 3000-A Digital Handheld Shore A precision hardness tester
    • HT 3000-D Digital Handheld Shore D precision hardness tester
    • HT 3000-S Test stand with pickup arm and integrated loadweights
    • HT 3000-SA Automated test stand with automated indentation movement


    Portable and stationary Hardness testing according to Shore

    In accordance with DIN ISO 7619, DIN EN ISO 868, ASTM D 2240, JIS K7312, SRIS 0101, …

    The rugged HT 3000 hardness testers are equipped with a constant contact force by a specially designed handle, with configurable test times according to standards and simplified three button operation.

    A backlit graphical display, optical and acoustical signals, display of test series average as well as direct Pass / Fail indication provide direct user feedback. A RS232 and USB interface onboard and integrated rechargeable lithium battery along with the data storage for up to 1000 test results with date and timestamp allows flexible use of the HT 3000 as a handheld unit directly in the field or stationary in the laboratory in combination with one of the available test stands types.

    Optional HT 3000 hardness testers can be calibrated and certified according ISO 17025.

    Hardness (resistance to indentation) is one of the most important properties of rubber products and parts.

    MonTech therefore offers a full range of handheld and benchtop precision hardness testers according to various scales and standards.

    This includes devices according to

    A, A0, B, C, D, D0, E, 00, 000, 000S,

    M, H, N, L, VLRH

    C, CS.

    Accessories such as

    – Auto-samplers
    – Centering and positioning devices
    – Verification and control rings
    – Reference rubber blocks
    – Additional loadweights
    – Software systems
    – …

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