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R-VS 3000

The R-VS 3000 Rheometer sample cutter is designed for the fast, safe and easy preparation of Rheometer test samples with a constant sample volume, signicantly reducing operational variability and increasing.

  • Instrument description

    R-VS 3000

    Cutting of uncured specimens and preforms

    The R-VS 3000 Rheometer volumetric sample cutter

    is designed for the fast, safe and easy preparation of Rheometer test samples, significantly reducing operational variability and increasing test result reproducibility.

    The cutter features a rugged double-acting pneumatic system, ensuring a constant, user-defined specimen volume. The operator needs just to push both control buttons simultaneously to start the cutting sequence. First, the material is compressed to the required sample volume by a compression piston from the top, then after a set compression time the sample is cut automatically by the high force cutting system from the bottom.

    Key features and advantages of the
    R-VS 3000 sample cutter

    • Free, open 270° cutting area for easy accessibility
    • Longer lifetime of the knife due to compression piston / sliding knife design
    • No consumables / cutting plates needed > no possibility of material contamination
    • Easy and simple to operate > just keep the 2 pushbuttons pressed for the duration of the cutting sequence
    • The R-VS 3000 uses only compressed air and is equipped with a two-handed safety
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R-VS 3000 sample cutter

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